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An Industrial Equipment Dealer in Tulsa, OK

Having the right tools is critical to successfully operating an industrial plant. As an industrial equipment dealer in Tulsa, OK, Wm. L. Riggs Company strives to provide you with American-made tools that stand the test of time. Our Econo Check Gage stands and bases are will save you time and money. Our flange spreader and other products are backed by over 70 years of experience in assisting businesses worldwide improve their measurements and maintain smooth operations.

Calibration Equipment - Tulsa, OK

Multitest Calibration System

Ensuring the durability and accuracy of your tools is critical to running a safe and efficient workplace. Our Mulititest Calibration System is the most sophisticated system in the industry for testing and calibrating various tools. You can use it for most types of tools, including:

• Torque Wrenches
• Torque Screwdrivers
• Torque Multipliers
• Cable Tensiometers
• Tension Gages
• Compression Gages
• Non-Impact Power Tools
• Nutrunners
• Electric Screwdrivers
• Precision Tools, Including Starrett, Mitutoyo, and Brown & Sharpe.

Econo Check Gaging Fixtures and Components

Our precision industrial measuring tools are perfect for measuring blind whole depths, concentricity, lengths, diameters, and shoulder lengths. In our selection, you'll find all kinds of interchangeable parts to suit your specific measuring requirements. You can read more about our Econo Check line below.

Econo Check