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Using Industrial Precision Tools - Tulsa, OK

About Our Industrial Equipment Dealer

Since 1947, WM. L. Riggs Company Inc. has provided American-made, maintenance-free precision tools. As a trusted industrial equipment dealer , we are proud to say that with our focus on quality and reliability, we've never had one of our products returned. Our flange spreaders, gage fixtures, and testing and calibration equipment are designed to optimize your business and greatly increase workplace safety. If your torque wrenches require calibration or repair, we can accomplish this for you. Our wide variety of services and products include:


  • Calibration Torque Wrenches
  • Safety Boy Flange Spreaders
  • Interchangeable Parts
  • Gauges (Stands, Supports, Brackets, Platens, Indicators, & Posts)
  • Flange Spreaders
  • Gauge Fixtures
  • Mechanical Flange Spreaders
  • Pipe Flange Spreaders
  • Precision Tools
  • Wedge Flange Spreaders
  • Distributor Flange Spreaders
  • Industrial Measuring Equipment
  • Torque Wrenches

Sales & Services

  • Surface Plates Sales of Thread Gauges
  • Specialized Sales of Thread Gauges
  • Removing Broken Taps & Castings

Reliable & Heavy-Duty Precision Tools

It takes time, precision, and hard work to do your job. Do it well and safely by depending on WM. L. Riggs Company Inc. The products we provide are not only time-saving, but they are very reliable. Our company has been manufacturing the finest American-made tools in the industry for decades. Best of all, they are maintenance free. That means you never need to worry about problems because our tools have been factory tested and proven to be reliable in all applications.

Why worry about using a hammer and chisel to get the job done? We’ve got the perfect tools to do it right. It makes it easy and safer for your workers as well. Minimize downtime and improve efficiency by using our specialized tools at your business.

Serving Many Industries

The products we offer are used in plants and industrial sites all over the globe. Our safety-conscious and easy-to-use tools are being adapted by savvy operational managers in a variety of settings, such as:

• Refineries
• Chemical Plants
• Food Processing Plants
• Utility Companies
• Hospitals
• Ships

Contact us if you have questions about our Safety Boy flange spreader or other precision tools.