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Using Industrial Precision Tools - Tulsa, OK

About Us & Our Precision Tools from Tulsa, OK

Since 1947, WM. L. Riggs Company Inc. has provided American-made, maintenance-free precision tools in Tulsa, OK. We are proud to say that with our focus on quality and reliability, we've never had one of our products returned. Our flange spreaders, gage fixtures, and testing and calibration equipment is designed to optimize your business and greatly increase your workplace safety. If your torque wrenches require calibration or repair, we can accomplish this for you. Our wide variety of services and products include:

• Calibration Torque Wrenches
• Safety Boy Flange Spreaders
• Removing Broken Taps and Castings
• Interchangeable Parts
• Gages, Including Stands, Supports, Brackets, Platens, Indicators, and Posts
Flange Spreaders
• Gage Fixtures
• Mechanical Flange Spreaders
• Pipe Flange Spreaders
• Surface Plates Sales of Thread Gages

• Precision Tools
• Wedge Flange Spreaders
• Distributor Flange Spreaders
• Industrial Measuring Equipment
• Torque Wrenches

The products we offer are used in plants and industrial sites all over the globe. Our safety conscious and easy-to-use tools are being adapted by savvy operational managers in a variety of settings, such as:

• Refineries
• Chemical Plants
• Food Processing Plants
• Utility Companies
• Hospitals
• Ships