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Ensure Safety with our Safety Boy Flange Spreaders

Safety Boy Flange Spreader

If you need to open flanges during pipeline maintenance regularly, then WM. L. Riggs Co. Inc. flange spreader is the solution you need. We offer a safe and easy-to-use tool called the safety boy flange spreader. With this pipeline tool, you can easily break the seal on flanges to quickly access the pipes to work on. Using this tool will significantly improve your employees' efficiency and help them prevent injuries from struggling to open the flange. Contact us today to learn more about this tool and the other services we offer and ensure your employees always have the right equipment for the job.

Leave the hammer and chisel behind with Safety Boy. Our commitment to reducing sparks and danger has led us to create a new kind of flange spreader. You'll love how the Safety Boy lets you fit into the most cramped spaces with ease.

Safety Boy

From rugged torque wrenches and precise Multi-test calibration tools to torque wrench calibrations, we provide the tools and repairs that your company relies on. Our Econo Check measuring tools help to keep your employees safe and working efficiently. We also carry tap removers and can give you advice on removing taps. Contact us to learn more about the industrial tools that we offer for your company.

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Spread flanges with ease using the Safety Boy.
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Safety Boy Flange Spreader

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Spreading flanges can be difficult and time-intensive, especially in tight quarters. With Safety Boy, the pipeline maintenance is made a lot easier, and many hazards are eliminated. You no longer have to deal with hammers, chisels, or flying wedges — and perhaps most importantly, there are no more sparks. Since 1947, WM. L. Riggs Co. Inc. has been producing industrial equipment for clients nationwide. From gage fixtures to calibration blocks to flange spreaders, we have the tools you need to greatly improve your industrial processes.

Our company takes pride in manufacturing and selling American-made equipment of the highest quality. Everything we sell is backed by our 70 years of combined experience. We know that our tools are outstanding because we've never had one of them returned. Our maintenance-free products are the solutions you've been searching for to optimize your work and prevent downtime.

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Safety Boy Flange Spreader Tool is enclosed. You can readily see the speed and advantage offered by this uniquely designed pipeline tool, which provides a method of safety and efficient application to minimize down time and hazardous routine procedures when separating flanges.


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