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A Pipe Flange Spreader You Need

Why carry heavy hammers and chisels with you from job to job, when our easy-to-carry Safety Boy is compact and lightweight? Assembling it is simple, and it's ready to operate within seconds. You and your employees will love its compact design, which allows use within cramped areas.

Safety Boy Flange Spreader Parts List

Safe and Efficient

When it comes to safety, it's easy to understand why plants across the globe love using Safety Boy flange spreaders. Gone are the days of using cumbersome and dangerous hammers and chisels to get the job done. The worry that a spark might be created is eliminated. Safety Boy, from our Tulsa, Oklahoma, company, uses torque instead, making it an efficient and much safer way to separate flanges.

Simple and Powerful

Using our Safety Boy products is stress-free. You will be amazed at how much time and effort you save with these innovative and professional tools. To operate any of our flange spreaders, simply apply pressure to the ratchet handle. Doing so forces a circular cam wedge between flanges to make the separation.

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