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Flange Spreaders

Easily and safely open pipe flanges with flange spreaders from our Tulsa, Oklahoma, company. William L. Riggs Company's "safety boy" flange spreaders are popular industrial measuring devices that are now being used in plants throughout the world! Why?


Flange Spreader, Flange Spreaders in Tulsa, OK
Our flanges are unmatched when it comes to safety, quickness, and economy. They're also lightweight and easy to carry, easy to assemble, ready to operate in seconds, and easily used in cramped quarters, making using them more convenient for your workers.


More about Our Flange Spreaders
To operate any of our flange spreaders, simply apply pressure to the ratchet handle. Doing so forces a circular cam wedge between flanges to make the separation. All models are reasonably priced for your pipe maintenance needs.



safetyboy, Flange Spreaders | Tulsa, OK



operating instructions
Safety Boy

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